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Over the course of his life, John Jeffries has worn a large number of “hats.” Among others, he has worked as factory worker, entrepreneur, salesman, radio announcer, restaurant manager, convenience store manager, print shop manager, office manager, and branch manager for a car rental company. In the government service, he has served in both the non-commissioned officer and warrant officer ranks in the capacities of administration, telecommunications operations, counter-espionage, counter-sabotage, counter-terrorism, counter-subversion, active intelligence collection, intelligence analysis, and linguistics. He published a number of articles on the subjects of espionage, terrorism and security in military publications. John has degrees in marketing management and law. Presently John and his wife, Carol are studying together toward PhD degrees in Bible Studies and Theology. What he has learned, he has done in actual practice. What he has done, he has taught and mentored others to do. He often contributes “on background” to various government entities and to the media in his areas of expertise, produced a guest editorial for a local newspaper, and a weekly email update on world events relating to the End-Times prophecies.

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