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Tyrants! Tyrants Everywhere!

Unlike many of my fellow Conservatives, I do NOT believe in empowering local governments. That's because localities (counties, cities, towns, villages, etc.) are small enough for small groups to exercise an excessive amount of control and disregard the interests of others.

The Founding Fathers understood this very well. After all, within the Constitution, they mention the Federal Government, state governments, and most importantly, the People. They didn't mention mayors, city councils, borough aldermen, or any of the other local despots who have seized a considerable amount of power in recent years.

The movement to ban gas and oil heat, gas stoves, etc. is an example of why localities must never be much more than ministerial units. If you believe man-made climate change is real (and I most certainly do not), then you should be able to design your home or building with appliances to reflect that. But you shouldn't be able to use the power of your municipality to force me--a proud and unyielding climate denier--to give up my oil heat, gas stove, or coal-fired boiler.

Washington, DC is banning the use of oil and gas heating. It should not be allowed to balkanize consumer choice and neither should any other municipality. Yet, many Conservatives continue to advocate for pushing governance decisions into the hands of the same Far-Left municipalities that eagerly imposed masks, carry on with red light and speed cameras, attempt to restrict when you can carry firearms, create sanctuaries for illegal immigrants, and now want to tell you how you can cook your food or heat your home.

It's time to say No. The majority of strictly-limited government power should be at the state level. And not to be redundant, but even the state's power should be strictly limited...with the individual making most of the decisions about how he lives, where he lives, how he chooses to support himself, and what risks he is prepared to take. Anything less is not only tyranny, but a Will Smith-style slap in the face to those who sacrificed their blood and treasure to build this unique experiment we call the USA.

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25 sept 2022

I agree. We can exercise our francise by calling out the corruption and voting them out etc.; unless the corrupt are like the deep, dark state. I keep struggling to NOT suggest fighting fire with fire...

Me gusta
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