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Two women in a Michigan cul-de-sac fret over the Democrats’ leftward lurch and another Trump term

"OXFORD, Mich. — On a quiet cul-de-sac across the road from Glass Lake and not far from her subdivision’s golf course, Jody LaMacchia was doing something that only a few years earlier would have seemed unthinkable: asking strangers for money."

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Sep 04, 2019

An interesting description of the emotional lead of the thinking process regarding the current state of affairs and our current president.

The criticism of Pres. Trump regarding his tweets and comments makes no sense to me. I have long thought that Pres. Trump is just doing to the opponents but the opponents have long done to all conservatives, ridiculing them and making derisive comments about them. This is not new, it is just new for a Republican and conservative.

I am reminded of the passion of the young men dramatized in the musical drama of, "Les Miserables". A lot of fire, a lot of passion, and no thought to the consequences. And they all died, save one. The sense…

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