To Our Defiant Ones

There is NOTHING I love more about America than the healthy dose of defiance that courses through her veins. It is not a mob-style defiance in the manner of the French Revolution, but rather the defiance of men and women--who in our earliest days up into the present--have staked their judgment and their lives on the belief that human beings have the right to live freely.

The overreach of our government at all levels during the current pandemic is unacceptable and grassroots America WILL have to rally in the coming months to take our freedoms back. I will have more to say on the specifics of what is currently wrong and how to address it with my upcoming essay: “Moving Toward a Post-Pandemic World: The Good, the Bad, and the Hopeful,” due to hit cyberspace during the week of April 20th. But for now, let us salute our defiant ones and encourage all Americans to remember our greatest symbol of defiance pictured here as we work to gain back our freedoms during the coming days. Please join me in saluting these heroes of the current pandemic:

• The men and women of Michigan who defied Governor Whitmer’s totalitarian aspirations by flooding the capital of Michigan with protesters,

• The sheriffs of Michigan who refused to enforce Governor Whitmer’s draconian stay-at-home orders (…/sheriffs-refuse-enforce-governors-st…/)

• President Trump for defunding the World Health Organization for being Communist China’s stooge. (…)