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The new iPhone software update is already catching apps like Facebook being shady

"People who download iOS 13, the latest iPhone software update, are getting notifications that apps like Facebook are harvesting their data using Bluetooth and other background app activity.

iOS 13, set to launch this week, promises a slew of new privacy measures to notify people when apps are covertly tracking them and to give users more control over what data they share.

Facebook got out ahead of the update with a blog post disclosing details about how its mobile app tracks users.

People who downloaded an early version of Apple's next major iPhone software update, iOS 13, have started seeing an unexpected notification on their device: "Facebook would like to use Bluetooth."

The software update, scheduled to launch this week, is loaded with new privacy features that aim to give people more control over what data they share with apps. Tech giants like Facebook and Google harvest data to better target advertisements, a business model that Apple CEO Tim Cook has decried as the "data industrial complex."..."

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