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The Left's Broad, Bigoted Politics of VilificationThe Left's Broad, Bigoted Politics of Vilification

“Paradoxically, liberals like Ali unveil their own inherent and systemic bigotry by belittling their fellow citizens, merely on the grounds of policy differences. Rather than engage and debate and persuade, the intolerant left chooses the politics of vilification.”

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29 lug 2019

Seems to me I remember an apropos quote from Shakespeare something to the effect that, "me thinks the lady doth protest too much". This came to mind when I was reading about the racism and bigotry of the radical left. Everything is fine as long as you agree with them. If you don't agree with them clearly, you are racist and a bigot. This is equine fecal material. They are beginning to really show who they are now, because they have a sitting political officer who pushes back. And I am glad to see somebody finally pushing back against these leftist radical bullies. God bless America!

Mi piace

I disagree with what Ali said. But there's a line between critiquing Trump supporters on legitimate policy disagreements like business regulation, abortion and guns (which they should not be personally attacked for); and calling them out for failing to hold up our country's values when they are attacked in the way the President consistently does. I don't think Trump supporters are racist, but I do think that they are turning a blind eye to it in order to get other policy in place or advance their own political careers. Jeff Flake, Mitt Romney and the late John McCain were Republicans but also principled men, and they set themselves apart from all the partisan hacks in congress when they stood up…

Mi piace
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