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The #economy is great Panic can cause it to tank A good economy means a #Trump2020 win Don't Panic

The Democratic Party knows that a good economy practically ensures that Trump will win reelection. Panic can cause economic problems. There is no good reason for real problems overall.

Side note:

We have to hold firm on these tariffs. It is going to hurt a bit but there is too much at stake if we don't prevent China from stealing our intellectual property, using government money to prop up Chinese businesses to break and beat US businesses.

We are in a technology race with other nations. If we don't win...the alternative is unthinkable.

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My point is, Katherine, is that Bush was not "talking down the economy." He was stating facts and warning that if action was not taken, the economy could enter a recession (just as Trump now warns that if he is not reelected the economy will "tank"). As a matter of fact, while Clinton was still in office and before the 2000 election, the economy did enter into a recession. However, due to "the Bush Tax Cuts," it was cut short. Then, after "9-11," his bailout of the airlines and the travel industry kept the economy from fallling into the abyss the terrorists hope it would fall into after knocking down the twin towers. But I digress. What the Democrats are…


You are quite right. I didn't agree with every aspect of his economic policies but he was right about that.


I guess my memory is better than the memory of most in Washington, D.C. I vividly remember when then-candidate George W. Bush was running for President and the Clinton Administration was screaming bloody murder that Bush was going engaging in dangerous behavior by talking down the economy for political purposes (when in fact Bush was providing very valid warnings about the smoke and mirror accounting gimmicks being used by the Clinton Administration as well as throughout the economy - san you say "ENRON" and "Auther Andrson" - as well as the "Dot Com Bubble?)

Now it is they who wish to "talk down" the economy in hopes of planting the seeds of fear in consumers (who currently are fueling the…

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