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The Biggest Problem With Government

Most of you who follow me know that I complain about government...a lot. They lie. They cheat. They steal...and those are the NICE things I say about government!

But we can all boil this down to one thing, that's exemplified by this New York Post article: Government has privileges, but no accountability. We, the People, have accountability and most of the time, that's about it. Lets ask ourselves a question: if it's important to have a fire hydrant at this location...because the hydrant is necessary in case of a fire, why isn't the New York City Government religiously keeping the sidewalk yellow stripe painted and the area free of trash that obscures the fireplug? After all, in the event of a fire...largely because of government's approach, firefighters will probably have to deal with a car and these trash bags, which will use up valuable moments when lives and property are at risk. But the City, like most municipalities, are content to collect revenue, which gets repurposed for their own desires at the expense of the public. So, how do we solve the biggest problem that government has? Let's unleash the regulatory dragon on government. Let's restrict their ability to collect revenue and impose punishments when they don't act responsibly. The Roman Emperor Tiberius viewed the Romany Empire as a "wolf" that he was "holding by the ears." Let's make our politicians feel the same way about us. Then, we will certainly have a government that serves, acts reasonably, and doesn't see us as a bunch of walking ATMs, whose purpose is to meet their needs du jour.

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