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President Trump: Both Good and Bad

Although I certainly welcome President Trump's Make America Great Again (MAGA) attitude after 8 years of the Obama administration, he is also making serious errors that need to be called out. His trade war with China is one of his worst errors to date. As this article indicates, the trade war is now becoming a currency war: "Mr. Trump is punishing China all right. He’s also putting U.S. growth in jeopardy by unleashing trade and currency risks that undermine the benefits of his tax reform and deregulation."

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Though I am generally against tariffs, I firmly believe that President Trump's moves, against China, to force them to trade fairly with the US are well reasoned and will prove effective. For far too long the erroneous doctrine of economic prosperity being what China needs to move out of the horrors of Communism, allowed the Party to run roughshod over their trading "partners," with zero impact upon human rights abuses, or the stranglehold on political power by the Communist elite.

When the Chinese either negotiated in bad faith, or reneged on the proposed trade deal that they had negotiated, the President showed great restraint. Now, after further intransigence on their part, the President has announced further tariffs, effective September 1.…


Aug 08, 2019

President Trump is doing an admirable job of holding other nations accountable. This is a necessary step as China continues to manipulate currency and undercut American businesses abroad. We needed a strong leader to accomplish better strategic deals...and it isn't just with China - Trump has negotiated increased payments from South Korea for the security American Armed Forces provide - because he is looking out for the best interests of our nation. China imports relatively low amounts of American goods and has been an unfair trading partner for generations. Trump is doing the right thing for the future, even if there may be a short term sting.


I know that a lot of people disagree with me about this but if we don't hold China accountable they will just keep walking all over us. We can't back down or they will continue stealing out intellectual property, using government money to bolster Chinese companies to push U.S. companies out of markets, etc. It is damaging and risky but I think it will be better in the long run.

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