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Politics on Your Plate

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Am I happy that Popeye's has rolled out a new chicken sandwich that I hear is tasty? Sure. I love to eat, but read this entire article from CNN (click the sandwich to read their piece). You'll see what this is really about when you reach the end: the discussion of how Popeye's isn't viewed as being outside of the 'mainstream' social justice warrior groupthink as Chik-Fil-A is. And let's not forget, Popeye's is owned by Restaurant Brands International, the same group behind Burger King...who has famously ignored the quality of its food in order to promote both same-sex marriage (through an "equality"-themed Whopper) and Net Neutrality. So, watch out, the Left is making everything political, meaning those of us on the Right have to be ready for a fight--even at dinner time.

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