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My Aunt Goes Full #MAGA!

In 2016, I purchased a dark blue MAGA hat for my grandmother at a Trump rally. Well, this morning, my aunt--who lives in New Jersey--told me she borrowed my grandmother's MAGA hat and wore it while running her errands.

She found plenty of people, including the nurses at a local hospital, letting her know they like her hat. In supposedly deep-blue New Jersey, she--a black female--found plenty of supportive responses.

This true story is why everyone from Nancy Pelosi to Mitt Romney are trying their hardest to bring Trump down. They were fine with a mediocre, divided America that was slowly declining...and they hate the idea of us as independent thinkers who are becoming stronger in our education, finances, and opportunity.

Oh, and before you think my aunt is a clone of me: she didn't vote for Mitt Romney and doesn't present herself as a "Right-Wing Extremist," but she's proud to support President Donald J. Trump!

Let the good times roll! #MAGA!

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