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Keep America Great 2020

All throughout history, chaos chases order. Civilizations are founded and then are conquered, decay, or are overrun. Empires rise and fall - hierarchies collapse due to corruption and neglect and then new ones are erected in those places. Now, we are in a cultural wobble. We are witnessing a great big political conflict unfold. The contenders - America - individual liberty and the ability to manifest your own destiny VERSES Cultural Marxism - which denies personal responsibility, demands the surrender of personal liberties as a form of appeasement, and legitimizes insanity through the use of the administrative state.

The Roman Empire lasted about 500 years. The Soviet Union only lasted 69 years. America is 243 years old. We are in a chaotic state of managed decline, stress and uncertainty before our "new form" evolution can emerge. I don't know what conflicts we'll have, or what new ideals will ultimately replace us.. but I pray Liberty, Freedom & Christ Consciousness ring boldly into however America manifests herself in the future.

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Jul 28, 2019

Thank you for your taking the time to respond with a thoughtful response and articulating the difference between my projection (my thoughts of where the negative, regressive values of the left will lead) and your vision (the positive aspects realized with progressive values) I completely agree, as you say, that "extreme poverty, lack of healthcare, market manipulation.. should be addressed and I certainly believe there is a role for government. I was once interested in the Democratic platform too, I came from a working family, I voted for Obama twice. It's delicate balance, you know? Between liberty and regulations. My fear is that the modern Democratic party has become more interested in identity politics and globalism than the american family…


Your idea of the left’s values is off. We believe in personal responsibility, liberty and opportunity and we do not tolerate acts from the state which violate our ethics. But we also believe that extreme poverty, lack of healthcare, and market manipulation by trillion dollar tech companies are all constraints on opportunity and liberty. We also believe that capital gains, being a product of the labor of the masses, should be partially for the masses. Please understand that we do not want a Harrison Bergeron society, but one where the floor in life is high enough that there is an assurance of human rights. The left opposes the Soviet economic model just as much as you.

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