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It's a Coup--But Don't Get Discouraged

Earlier today, I talked to a friend who was perturbed by all of the talk of whistleblowers and impeachment, so I want to make sure that none of you are becoming discouraged.

First of all, let's be very upfront: a good chunk of the Washington cadre of so-called "Conservatives" are a big part of why the ideas of the Conservative Movement hasn't succeeded. Many of these people came to the DC-area with visions of Bill Buckley and Milton Friedman in their minds, but allowed themselves to be co-opted by the DC Swamp. They traded principles for (cocktail) parties and began to prize the acceptance of others over why they came here. It's painfully obvious when you see many who spoke lovingly of Conservative ideas...suddenly doing all they can to repudiate the ideas and those of us who actually embrace them. If this is you, I'm glad you've exposed yourselves. I'm also incredibly upset that you haven't been removed from your posts and are being allowed to continue this "whistleblower" treason. This is disturbing. But it shouldn't make any of us who support the #MAGA movement at all worried. In fact this should make us happy because the more these people, and their friends in the Democrat Party, squeal--the better we're doing. They know that Bill Weld isn't their savior...and neither is Elizabeth Warren. They're resigned to a Trump presidency that ends in January of 2025, and their last hope is trying to demoralize us so that we pull the plug on ourselves. Let's not let them succeed this time either. Our Movement--for limited government, family, and opportunity for everyone to succeed via free markets--started long ago and we must not let it end. Let's Keep America Great and give our opponents more reasons to despise us. Not only is that the right thing to do for the country, but it sure is a lot of fun!

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