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I am an American girl

As a genealogist, I have traced much of my family history. I love my country. My family tree is checkered with patriots, soldiers, and artists.

My ancestors left Wales in 1687 aboard a ship named "the Vine of Liverpool." I was able to obtain a copy of the ships manifest and I found their names on the passenger list. They were Quakers fleeing religious prosecution and settled in Pennsylvania. No man has the right to tell you how to pray.

My ancestors fought in the Revolutionary war to help establish American sovereignty and free us from tyranny. No king can rule over my house and collect my earnings. My business is my business. Taxation is theft. They founded a REPUBLIC not a democracy. Democracy can easily slide into mob rule and tyranny. The Constitution protects our God given rights as individuals. We may be a nation of immigrants, but we are all citizens of a republic that have the right to speak freely and protect ourselves.

My family fought in the Civil war, they stood their ground at Little Round Top and helped turn the tide at Gettysburg. All men are created equal and have the right to determine their own destiny.

After the attack on Pearl Harbor, my grandfather and his brothers left the family home in Pennsylvania, joined the air force and fought in the Pacific theater. They were all handsome and brave, risking their lives to push back the evils of fascism & national socialism.

My father proudly served in the army - an artillery commander stationed in Germany, the Fulda gap - keeping his eyes fixed on the eastern horizon, watching. He was a fierce patriot, who would have given his life to protect our Constitution. "Captain Rock" was his nickname.

All those men have passed away. My precious father, grandfather, my great uncles, all gone.. and its up to me to hold the light

I am a daughter of America and I will not remove my hat

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