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Have They Lost Their Minds?

Traffic in Northern Virginia is so obscene, it would be rated XXX if you made a movie about it. So, why then is the Mayor of the little hamlet of Hillsboro, VA proposing to close Route 9 to traffic for 11 months for a "traffic calming" project? More importantly, why is he empowered to do these things? Route 9 is a heavily-trafficked road that needs more lanes higher speeds, and re-alignment to help move more people...rather than be disrupted for nearly a year to support a vanity project.

Earth to Roger Vance: Why don't you use your car tax money to build some pedestrian overpasses, rather than inconvenience hundreds-of-thousands of people who use a major regional artery? But I guess we can't expect government to actually be good stewards of what they confiscate, right?

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