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Ending Government Corruption by Sticking Our Heads Deeper Into the Sand.

I'm all for ending corruption.

Who isn't?

Corrupt politicians, corporations, and the mainstream media. That's who.

This is why it is so disappointing to see what *looks like* could be a great movement,, saddling up next to the very same people who are benefiting from corruption, and have been benefiting from such for a long time. Specifically, in this case, they are looking to Democrat candidates such as Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Andrew Yang.

Now, while Yang doesn't have a longstanding political career, Sanders and Warren do. And to say they haven't benefited from corruption is debatable at best.

I'm especially disappointed by those who think that because a politician says something that sounds good, must mean they actually practice what they preach. Ever try looking at their "actions" and not merely the talking points? Ever wonder how someone can claim to be against accepting handouts from corporations, but can go from being relatively poor to having a relatively large net worth, owning multiple houses, or even mansions, on a government salary? Ever wonder why they talk about climate change, but they fly private jets everywhere they go, and buy multi-million dollar mansions and real estate on the coasts they say wont be there in a few years? Ever wonder if maybe they are trying to pull the wool over our eyes and make us think they are trying to end the very corruption that is making them rich, just long enough to get into office, then do nothing they promised once they are in office? Ever wonder why they flip-flop their positions with 180 degree difference in opinion? And we aren't talking about just a slight change in how to accomplish an objective, but a full about face turn around, to starkly oppose the issues they claimed to be championing before. Predictably enough, issues which have high public support, are the same issues that do not get resolved before they do a 180 and appear to become selectively amnesic.

One commenter even tried to naively suggest that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (who is NOT running for President... this year) is trying to make government less powerful so the people are more empowered, to which another commenter wisely pointed out that her Green New Deal does precisely the opposite. It does this by robbing everyday working citizens of even more of their money while further bloating government and increasing its ability to cement corruption into the normal modus operandi (the mode of operations) of government officials and corporations, commonly referred to as grafting. In other words, it would become even easier for corruption to take place at even greater levels while making the already challenging prospect of countering corruption far more difficult than it already is.

I'm guessing they read that idea about AOC's goals on a headline, or heard her say something of the sort, and didn't actually come to that conclusion their self by way of research. If they paid attention to what AOC is trying to do (versus what she "says" she is trying to do, which can often "sound" great, with enough spin added) they would understand that the power of the people would be vastly diminished, and literally every single problem described by in other videos would be exasperated by way of reducing the amount of free resources individuals have in order to counter the influence of the mega-multi-national corporations.

The sad truth about most "anti-corruption" candidates is they are deep into the game themselves, and if they believed what they preached, their actions would match their words.

At the end of the video, when they said "the media" needs to ask candidates about corruption, I burst out laughing, because as they themselves have said about similar such things in other videos, asking the media to ask candidates (and politicians) about corruption, is like asking the fox to guard the hen house. Of course, if you think the media is any less corrupt than the politicians, then I could see why you would suggest this as a plan of action. I'm all for ending corruption, but let's not rely on people who practice something far different from what they preach in order to get the job done.

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