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Don't you know about the Kurd? Everybody knows that the Kurd is the word.

Many debates and disruptions over the recent news on the U.S. withdrawing troops and pulling support out from the Kurds... and out of the theater of Syria for that matter.

Quite a few comments being made from long time Trump supporting patriots, like myself, have kind of drawn a nerve with me. Why? Well... that's where the answer gets tricky for some. You see, I'm not like mom or grandma, I'm not going to sugar coat the medicine here. In reference, the comments that a lot of people make on social media are resemblant of: [paraphrased] “Those complaining about Syria and the abandonment of Kurds can go enlist - go over there themselves.”

As you can tell here, I'm no fan of following the regimented profile of proper grammar and I abuse the Oxford comma (and ellipses) like a China cop at a Hong Kong freedom rave. Having said that, on social media I had seen enough of these turnarounds and ridiculous statements by fellow right leaning peers that I had to profess a position of my own.

My comment when seeing that those who have a problem with the withdrawal, should go over there themselves or send their kids. --

(Warning - grammar nazis get ready to be triggered.)

"Been there, done that, got the tshirt. - When there, it was good to know we had the Kurds in and around northern Iraq helping us out, standing up supporting militias and police, helping in the search for Saddam (Shwani). Didn’t see Turkish troops...sure as fuck didn’t see Syrian troops. Nope, the people getting their hands dirty were the Kurds. The same people who were gassed by Saddam in the Iran-Iraq war. Attacked by Iranians also. I suppose if we look at what got us into the ground war’s a varying degree of pro and con...but when we were there, it was good to know we had some support. It was good to know we could help them and give them the chance to push into this new millennium as every other culture had.. these are the same group that have women commandos fighting on the front which makes more sense to me than dressing them in a burka and beating them. So when we made the commitment to help bleed in battle as they did with us...we just what..cut and run? I recall that happening to the Afghan Mujahideen in the late 70’s and into the 80’s.. didn’t produce a favorable outcome a decade later. I’d say this, to me, feels like letting your best friend go home to get beaten to death. Doesn’t matter if it fits in a political shape for media consumption.. truly.. the media never really gave a fuck to begin with. It’s becoming apparent that politics don’t really give a fuck either. Yet, in the military we had this thing called honor. Doesn’t matter what bullshit got us on to the battlefield, we were there, they helped, we made a commitment and it is honorable to fulfill that obligation....not shit on it for politics or fucking feelings of grandeur and solace by those who wouldn’t ever consider getting dirty hands in the first place. Am I a warmonger? You’re goddamn right I am. I and every rifle toting man and woman that grew old and lost life, health and youth in the fog of wars created by weak men of little conscious, in some way has war in their blood. We know that those that bleed with us in battle ARE our brothers. When did we agree as free people to let oppression and tyranny and violence rule and destroy people? Our allies, our brothers and sisters in arms? Innocent people are going to die because those same weak politicians haven’t the gall or fortitude to drive forward and do what’s right. Surrounded by their equally weak and inexperienced advisors, they play party to impressions and images, not honor, not what is right. They accept innocent blood in the streets and can’t tell the difference between evil and innocent. Warriors can. Any warrior will tell you that innocent blood is sour, painful..makes your stomach turn and has a way of giving you nightmares. Evil blood is a drug... it makes you elated at sight, you laugh, you pat friends on the back and your soul adds another feather to the pile of redemption making your heart lighter. It’s easier to wash off your clothes and face. It makes the damn grass grow. So... if I could get funding.. equipment... a free ride in and secure comms with a decent line for resupply... bet your damn mocha latte drinking asses I’d go back. Rah!! We don’t abandon friends on the battlefield. It’s simply not American.

Proud ground pounding Marine Infantryman from 1998-2011. Fucking kill!!

As my first post here, I hope I have broken that ice and at least given some insight into how we all don't have to be cookie cutter representations of the allegiances we hold dear. We can be unique, disagree with points and positions and most importantly... think for ourselves. We landed on the fucking moon for Christ's sake! Why are we all waiting to be spoon fed our opinions from other sources? That is what it feels like to me and for that.. consider me a right leaning constitutionalist outlaw/asshole I suppose. For'd be the first opinion you derived on your own.

Semper Liber

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