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CNN won’t run two Trump campaign ads, citing ‘demonstrably false’ claims

So now the President will be blocked from advertising in CNN during his campaign because of "false" claims. My first thought? Even if it were true, and not having seen the ads I can't say, since when do we ban campaign ads for being incorrect or even outright lies? Half of all campaign ads are full of complete lies. Maybe not half...

"CNN said Thursday that it will not run two Trump campaign ads because they disparage the network’s journalists and make “demonstrably false” claims while discussing impeachment and pushing unsubstantiated allegations of corruption against former vice president Joe Biden." "The network’s decisions come as the Trump administration escalates its attacks on congressional Democrats’ impeachment efforts and continues to lash out at media organizations it tries to discredit as “fake news.” CNN’s move brought renewed ire from Trump’s reelection campaign, as Communications Director Tim Murtaugh called the news network a “Democrat public relations firm” that “spends all day protecting Joe Biden.”...

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