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Climate Change and the Larger Cultural Picture - Round III

The following essay is a follow-up to “Climate Change and the Larger Cultural Picture - Round II” ( In that essay I noted the efforts by a number of groups around the world seeking to de-stabilize the current world order in order to take control and institute various ideologies that have one thing in common:

“subjugating the rights and happiness of individuals to some other authority either secular or religious.”

But just as those groups are on the verge of a complete triumph worldwide, a subterranean underground movement that has opposed them for many years is finally beginning to break out into the open and reach the minds and hearts of men and women around the world. The result is an ever-intensifying conflict the likes of which few if any of us in today’s world have ever witnessed. This is where Restore Our American Republic (ROAR) with its stated mission

“to improve human life in the U.S. and beyond by restoring the Republic in America and its distinctive institution of individual rights”

… comes into the picture.

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