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Can We Save America?

Southern Sense is conservative talk with Annie "The Radio Chick-A-Dee" Ubelis, and Former Congressman Ted Yoho, Florida - Republican as guest co-host. Informative, fun, irreverent and politically incorrect, you never know where we'll go, but you'll love the journey!


JB Fred Eberlein, author, 90 Degree Turn: Remaking Federal Government - from big, bulky, and misguided to lean, decentralized, and relevant. His blog:

Kristie Kierrnan Bouryal, VP, Tunnel to Towers Foundation, author, Discovering Heroes Series

Sarah Parshall Perry, Heritage Foundation, Senior Legal Fellow for the Edwin Meese III Center for Legal and Judical Studies

Dedication: 21st Anniversary of the Attack of 9/11/2001 on America by Muslim Terrorists

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