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Bernie Sanders has a problem. Her name is Elizabeth Warren.Bernie Sanders has a problem.

"DES MOINES — Jodi Stanfield enthusiastically supported Bernie Sanders in 2016. Now, she has found a new candidate who excites her: Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

“I trust her when she says she can fight, and also win,” Stanfield said Saturday at a Democratic steak fry where many of the candidates spoke. While Sanders and Warren have similar platforms, the Massachusetts Democrat would be more effective in accomplishing her goals, said the 51-year-old, who works at the YMCA....

They both support what would be a massive economic restructuring with ideas such as Medicare-for-all, but Sanders, 78, has carved out his brand as a democratic socialist while Warren, 70, has described herself as a capitalist who has operated more as part of the Democratic mainstream. While Sanders drew notice in 2016 for his avid fans and big crowds, it is Warren this time who is gaining traction that way..."

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