Election Day


November 3, 2020

Political Speech is a social media platform that allows free speech.

Problems Posting For the First Time?

There may be a brief delay for new members attempting to post for the first time. After you create an account, it will be activated, and then you should be able to post freely.

If you have any problems please let me know.



This website is brand new and in beta/test mode.  Please use it as you would normally use any other social media site.
Full Disclosure:  It is pretty much the Wild West here.  There is little to no monitoring. 
This website is a mere platform.  You are entirely responsible for what you post.  Do not post anything illegal or dangerous.  
Official terms of use will be developed over time to reflect any necessary legal statements to create a space for free speech while allowing for the removal of dangerous or illegal posts (such as the posting of someone's personal contact information or threats of violence).  
In the meantime, act like adults, and conduct yourselves appropriately.  
If you see something dangerous or obviously illegal you may report it.  Share it through the contact page or post a comment with the following:  





Once a day, those hashtags will be searched for and any dangerous and/or illegal content may be removed.

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